3 Cars You May Want to Avoid

It’s incredibly frustrating when you buy a supposedly great car and end up spending too much time in the dealer’s service department due to the vehicle’s constant need for repairs. If you want to avoid that kind of problem, you may want to steer clear of these cars who have earned a reputation for unreliability:

1 – Fiat 500L. Here you can expect problems with the transmission, drive system, power equipment, and the electronics. Its notorious unreliability isn’t its only problem. It didn’t do all that well in the safety tests of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. It offers a poor road performance due to its weird driving position, flat seats, and an unforgivably stiff ride. It also got the lowest scores in owner satisfaction, with lots of people admitting they wished they didn’t buy the darned thing.

2 – Ford Fiesta. This subcompact may be comparatively affordable, but then your money will probably go into repairs for the power equipment and replacement for the clutch. The transmission tends to slip or shift roughly too. You’ll also have to deal with leaks and noises along the way.

3- GMC Yukon and Chevy Tahoe. These two large SUVs are very similar to each other, since they have the same platform and powertrain. Even the configuration of the cabin is the same. Whichever you get, you can expect problems soon with the power equipment and the in-car electronics, while you may also have some vibrations in the steering.