Best Smartphone Uses for Modern Car Buyers

There was a time when car dealerships and car salesmen had all the advantages. Now the playing field is a bit more even when you have a smartphone, as long as you keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Go online to know the real prices of cars. Before you talk to a salesman, look up the car you want and find out what dealerships paid for the car and what their markup is. Use a smartphone, so you can use it as evidence when you haggle.
  2. Send emails to dealers and ask for quotes. You can send an email to a dozen dealers within 50 miles of your home, with details on the car you want. You can then ask them for a quote. You’ll most likely get a bunch of quotes and then you can use the lowest 2 quotes to the dealers of your choice. Use your smartphone to prove you’ve got the quotes, so the dealer will be forced to match it. Don’t feel like you’re stealing money from the car sales person either—these people can receive huge bonuses when they reach a certain sales target.
  3. Don’t talk openly in the salesman’s office. At one point, you and your spouse will be invited into the salesman’s office to discuss the sale. Then eventually, the salesman will say that they need to take a call and they’ll leave you alone in the office to talk things through. But actually, they have listening devices in there so they can find out more about you. If you need to talk, use an obscure language (not Spanish) or send messages to each other on your smartphone.