Buyers’ Remorse: 5 Cars That Owners Regret Buying

Buying a car can be very exciting. But sometimes that excitement doesn’t last look when new car owners discover lots of problems with their vehicles. Here are cars from 2014 to 2017 which have scored the lowest in customer satisfaction surveys.

Acura ILX. Lots of owners feel that it’s expensive and yet it didn’t give the performance expected of it. It doesn’t accelerate very well, and the road noise is considerable. The ride is shaky too. Among all the vehicles on this list, this scored the lowest in customer satisfaction.

Nissan Frontier. It comes as no surprise that so many have complained about this truck. That’s because its basic design dates back to 2005. That’s why regardless of size, this pickup truck ranked the worst among all trucks. The steering is clumsy and you have a devil of a time trying to maneuver it in a parking lot. The road noise is bothersome too.

Dodge Grand Caravan. Among minivans, this is the lowest scorer in surveys. It feels like the interior materials are of cheap quality when you get in. Passengers in the 2nd-row seats are uncomfortable. When you drive it, you’ll find that the transmission shifts very roughly.

Chrysler 200. This is the biggest loser in the midsize sedan category. The engine feels outdated and underwhelming and the handling is just plain clumsy. The ride is decidedly rough and you still have to deal with excessive road noise. The rear seat doesn’t provide much room either.

Dodge Dart. It’s very unreliable and has lots of mechanical issues. Plus its acceleration is quite sluggish too. This is the compact car that owners regret buying the most.