Doing Mods on Your Car? Start with the Tires

It’s quite common for some gearheads to start with the engine when doing modifications on their cars. But that’s not really the best thing to do. If you’re doing mods, you really ought to begin with the tires. Get something grippier, and we guarantee the performance enhancements will entrance you.

  • You go faster. This isn’t just a hypothetical assumption. It’s actually been proven. In one track test, the testers had one car that had double the horsepower and torque of the second car. However, the second car had tires with 10% more grip. In the track test, the second car with the grippier tires had a faster time around the track.
  • You stop more quickly. If it is summer, changing from all-season tires to high performance tires can provide an astonishing improvement in stopping distance. In one test involving all-season tires on a Honda S2000, stopping from 60 mph to 0 mph took 136 feet. With the high performance RE-71R summer tires from Bridgestone, that distance was reduced to only 107 feet. That’s almost 30 feet, and that’s a first down in football.
  • You spend less. Changing to new tires costs less money than extensive engine modifications—yet it offers greater improvements anyway.

So if you’re going to do some mods on your car, start with the tires. It’ll save you money, since it’s cheaper than engine mods. It will save you time around the track too since you’ll go faster.