3 Secret Tips when Buying Used Asian Cars

You ought to at least consider cars from Japan and Korea if you’re looking for a good used car. For the most part, these cars are more affordable and they tend to retain more of their value over time. They also cost less to maintain. Here are some tips that you should know about when

The Best Cheap Cars of 2017

For lots of people, price is the most important factor that affects a car purchase. But that doesn’t mean you need to limit yourself to a bad cheap car like the Nissan Versa S, which really reminds you that you get what you pay for. Instead, here are some better alternatives:For lots of people, price

3 Cars You May Want to Avoid

It’s incredibly frustrating when you buy a supposedly great car and end up spending too much time in the dealer’s service department due to the vehicle’s constant need for repairs. If you want to avoid that kind of problem, you may want to steer clear of these cars who have earned a reputation for unreliability:

Best Smartphone Uses for Modern Car Buyers

There was a time when car dealerships and car salesmen had all the advantages. Now the playing field is a bit more even when you have a smartphone, as long as you keep the following tips in mind: Go online to know the real prices of cars. Before you talk to a salesman, look up