Top 4 Reasons to Buy a Pickup Truck


Some people go for sports cars, while others love SUVs. But in many places around the world, pickup trucks remain popular. Here are some very good reasons why you may want one too:

  1. You can use it to haul stuff. This is perhaps the most important reason why so many people use it for work. When you provide service that requires lots of tools, your ordinary trunk just won’t do. You need the space in the truck for all your stuff. You’re also the go-to guy when friends and family need help with moving furniture.
  2. Rough terrain isn’t a problem. As long as you fit it with the right tires and a modern 4-wheel-drive system, you’re good to go for a good weekend out of town. You won’t be bothered by snowdrifts on the way to your ski resort, and you can get to your remote campsite faster even if you have to go through off-road trails.
  3. It’s a safer vehicle. You’re more likely to walk away from a car crash if you’re in a pickup truck than if you are in a regular sedan. Your truck will also be relatively unscathed, while the sedan will probably be totaled because it was meant to deform as a safety measure.
  4. It’s just more manly. Be honest—if you’re stuck on the road, who will you ask for help: the guy with the pickup or the nice fellow with the subcompact or the electric car?