What Are the Most Reliable New Cars Today?

If you’re going to buy a car these days, you’ll want to focus on getting one that’s very reliable. It’s not too much to expect, is it? But not all car manufacturers succeed in making cars that you can depend on to run without expensive repairs along the way.

Here are some of the better and more dependable cars you can buy if reliability is a top priority:

Toyota Prius. It’s not just reliable, but you also get 52 mpg. What’s more, the ride is very steady and the handling is very responsive. The digital gauges look great too.

Lexus CT 200h. Other bonus features besides the reliability include responsive handling and a nice cabin with premium materials. The fuel economy is also superb at 40 mpg.

Infiniti Q70. It may be expensive at $54,000 but then at least you save on repairs. The V6 engine gives you 330 horses but the fuel economy isn’t bad at 21 mpg overall. You have communicative steering to go along with responsive handling. The interior quality is excellent, you’ve got lots of space in the rear seat, and the controls are all easy to use.

Audi Q3. This crossover is a direct competitor of the MB GLA and the BMW XI, but this is much more reliable than the two. You get 22 mpg overall with its lively 200-HP turbo 4-cylinder engine. The handling is very agile, and you get a quiet and comfy ride in a nice cabin.